Myjio Barcode Download | Download MyJio Barcode App

Myjio Barcode Download

Myjio Barcode Download

My Jio is a well-favoured app completely ejaculated by Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited. It is a LTE mobile network operator in India sanctioning the facilities of 4G accessibility to the whole India’s Network coverage area. On the contrary, as of now Jio is the only 100% VoLTE operator in India, without obtaining the service of 2G/3G in it. Not only that, Reliance Industry has come out another astonishing deal of granting Jio Barcode on every Jio device without any obstacles in it. And thus, every user can attain the access of activating the Jio barcode on any Android device by obtaining a free Jio SIM and even the usage of Jio SIM on any of the Android phones to the full extent. In plain words, My Jio Bar Code generator is a complimentary programmer app, which is currently accessible in English version. Nevertheless, this Jio Bar Code can be easily attained by clicking on the green download button to begin. Above all, until now this programmer has obtained the download of around 17 times without any obligations in it. Eventhough, limitless 4G and free voice calling is available for just 90 days.

Furthermore, let us check in the step by step procedure of generating Barcode on MyJio. Firstly, with the access of My Jio app, users need to acquire the enhancement of 4G smartphone and mobile data without utilizing the WiFi connection. Next, slide into the Play store and download Jio barcode app also named as “MyJio” which is around 15Mb in size. Open the app and just stay calm for few seconds, wherein later on will display a banner at top as ‘Jio Welcome Offer’. And moving forward, right down, you will notice a small tab wherein you need to provide your details such as state & city and then you will receive an OTP to check out your number that you have given. Later on, the app will ask you too download JioJoin app, just install the app and acquire all the permissions mentioned in it. Lastly, open up My Jio and there you will get to see the barcode which is generated.


  1. Users can enjoy a great access of Unlimited voice, video, data and SMS for 90 days from the day of activation
  2. Highly rated Definitive Voice calling is opted in this app
  3. Random speed of accessing Data is also available in this app
  4. Various other apps and games are present in this Jio App and can be easily utilized without any limitations in it
  5. The Barcode of MyJio app automatically gets stored on your photo gallery without any issues


In the Final review, MyJio Barcode download is quite easy to download and can be easily attained by getting a free 4G SIM with mobile JIO Barcode without any issues to the full extent.

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