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  1. JioMusic consist of major regional music coverage in it
  2. With the assumption of this app on your device, you can easily get the download of all songs and listen to them on offline mode as and when required
  3. 1-Touch Ad-Free organizer radio with unlimited skips are assisted in this app
  4. Elegant recommendations are also opted in this app
  5. High Quality of HD music ranging upto 320Kbps is present in this app
  6. Selective Playlists rooted on Artists, Eras, Moods, Genres and so on is fully equipped in this app
  7. Full-embracing Song Playing alternative is opted in JioMusic app
  8. Downloading of various Synced music among various devices is also present in this app
  9. Users can obtain the access of playing the music in a row wise through this JioMusic app on their device
  10. JioMusic is totally free of Ads and can be easily played without any distractions in it
  11. The theme modes of Light and Dark are very present in this app


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