Jio Phone Apps Download & Install

One of the recently released astonishing mobile device is the Jio Phone apps. This Jio Phone device was initiated during the 40th Annual General Meeting of the Reliance Company and was named “India ka Smartphone”. Accordingly, the company declares this as a futuristic phone which is released for 22 months and has increased its usage capability from 124 billion to 215 million. Besides that, this phone has already attained greater aid through Facebook from the month of February this year but the users are craving to acquire WhatsApp feature in it. Not to worry, similar like Facebook and Google Maps, you can even expect WhatsApp to function on this Jio phone very soon. Furthermore, this phone has been very well sketched out as a feature phone and simply provide some of the fundamental programs in it. Not only that, with the utilization of this Jio Phone app you can trace down a place, attain a map view and so on.

Jio Phone Apps Download And InstallJio Phone Apps Download And Install

Jio Phone Apps Download And Install

Furthermore, the video related site such as YouTube from Google is also opted in this Jio Phone. On the contrary, several types of diversified modifications are also featured in this app. As of now, this Jio Phone is presently applicable in just a single color that is in Black and provides the connections based on various devices such as 3G, 4G, WiFi, NFC Bluetooth access and so on. Above all, Jio Phone is opted with the assistance of 4G in it. On the other hand, this Jio Phone bounces on KAI OS HTML5-based Firefox OS in it. Above all, it is considered to be an official website through which every user can accumulate the download and attain the Jio Phone very gently without any obligations in it. Moreover, the uttermost complimentary registration for India for Jio DISH TV programs are opted in this Jio Phone to the fullest extent. Furthermore, let us check out some of the awesome features of Jio Phone given below.


  1. This phone attains in it 4GB of internal storage in it
  2. Jio Phone is assisted with 1.2GHz dual-core processor in it
  3. It obtains a RAM of 512 and functions very smoothly without dropping off.
  4. Jio Phone of 4GB attaining internal storage cannot be expanded further.
  5. This  phone occurs with  a 200mAh battery assistance in it and is of 2.4inch  screen with an QVGA display at 187 ppi
  6. Jio Phone screen is well protected by the Scratch Resistant Glass
  7. Lastly, Jio Phone, crops with a 2 megapixel rear camera and 0.3 megapixel front camera in it


In brief, Jio Phone has been one of the most outstanding phones and to attain all of the above benefits simply get the instant download and captivate and enjoy delightfully all of its extreme benefits mentioned above.

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