MyJio App is one of the most splendid apps widely being accelerated by millions of users worldwide coarsely due to its extreme benefits and advantages without any obligations in it. Eventually, MyJio Apk is an Indian mobile network operator which is possessed by Reliance Industries and is basically situated in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. This app very well operates as a national LTE network acquiring a massive coverage of around 22 telecom circles. Correspondingly, Jio App never provides an offer on 2G or 3G service, rather it utilizes voice over LTE to provide voice service on its network.  Complementary to this, Jio is recommended to be the World’s Largest Data Network. The major key aspect of My Jio App as of now are the services mainly accessible on 4G enabled devices to a greater extent. The outcome of this My Jio App was released mainly on the 83rd birthday of Reliance Industries founder Dhirubhai Ambani, with a beta for partners and employees and later on was publicly made available to the whole nation on 5 September 2016. Foundational to this, MyJio App is a major Gateway to Digital Life as it obtains a Double Dhamaka offer incurred in it. The app also assists in sharing spectrum with Reliance Communications and the sharing dispense is for 800 MHz band across seven circles other than the 10 circles for which Jio App already acquires. Customarily, In February 2017, this app also declared a collaboration with Samsung to work on LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G networks to the full extent.

MyJio app Apk for Android

MyJio app Apk for Android

App Info –

App Download Version 5.0.09
Last Updated 1 November 2018
Apk Size 33MB
App by Reliance Industries Ltd.
Category Free Productivity App
Star rating 4+


Minimum Android version Android 4.4 + Above
App Package


Furthermore, based on the products and services of Jio, this app Apk is being launched at its first affordable, cutting edge devices with a 4G feature phone supplied by KaiOS also named as Jio Phone. Later on the company released its 4G broadband services throughout India. Initially, Jio provides fourth-generation of 4G data and voice services, besides with peripheral services such as instant messaging and streaming movies and music as well. Until now, this Jio App has a network of more than 250,000 km of fiber optic cables in the country, on which it will be combining with the local cable operators to obtain broader connectivity for its broadband services. Not only that, through this multi-service operator (MSO) licence, Jio will very well serve as a TV channel distributor and will provide television-on demand on its network. Apart from its pan-India launch of 4G data and telephony services, this Jio app has begun providing free Wi-Fi hotspot services in various cities throughout India such as Surat, Ahmedabad in Gujarat, and Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, Indore, Jabalpur, Dewas and Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh and so on. Moreover, Jio is optimized as India’s first zero-touch service experience such as all your postpaid services like Voice, Internet, SMS, International calling will be pre-activated without any issues in it. Conventionally, the app is also featured with the best Tariffs in India and abroad with unlimited India plan beginning with only Rs 199 per month opted with Free Voice promise of all Free Local Calls, Free STD Calls, Free Roaming Calls (Incoming and Outgoing). Also to any other network and anywhere in India. Nevertheless, the app is also personified with everyday more value of 20% more Data than competition, always. And the third last Jio tariff plans is of the JIO Prime Membership acquiring unlimited fun in it.


On the contrary, the all New My Jio app is here which consists of a huge bundle of various captivating apps and contents in it as part of its upcoming 4G services, they are as follows:

  1. MyJio: This is the one which very well governs your Jio Account and various other digital services connected to it
  2. Jio TV: It is a live TV with massive quantity filled with Entertainment in it
  3. Jio Chat: One of the most coherent ways of chatting by staying connected through the utilization of this app
  4. Jio Cinema: This lingers with the online HD video library listed with Movies, TV shows, Music and so on
  5. Jio Music: Jio Music enables you in listening to the Music based on various languages as per the users requirement and also grants the access of saving the music Offline and enjoy the extent of listening to the music anytime, anywhere as per your preference
  6. Jio Mags: Jio Mags mainly indulges in e-reader for magazines as there is always more to read
  7. Jio Xpress News: With the provision of this Jio Xpress News, customers can always stay up to date with various news and magazine and stay ahead.
  8. Jio Cloud: This is one of the major cloud-based backup tool wherein all your files are just a mile away.
  9. Jio4G Voice: With this Jio4G Voice you can get VoLTE and RCS on any phone
  10. Jio Money: Most probably known as online payments/wallet app whereby you can obtain an experience of cash free living in it
  11. Jio Security: As the name itself specifies, Jio Security is the one which safeguards your phone and provides complete data security to the fullest
  12. Jio Newspaper:  Jio Newspaper is one of the most digital newsstand to all
  13. Jio Net: Jio App has also released Wi-Fi routers by the name Jio Net
  14. Jio Health Hub: This Jio Health Hub, as per its names obtains the access of various tests conducted by doctors and along with the relevant reports in it


Moving further, The Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was nominated as Jio’s brand ambassador. And subsequently, Location specified AR game Pokemon Go was released in India with an alliance with Jio wherein hundreds of Jio stories and other Reliance marts and shopping malls such as Reliance Trends and Reliance Digital have become sponsored Pokestops and Gyms as of now. Equally important, within July 125.5 million Jio customers has selected for Jio Prime and the last date for registration to Jio Prime membership was 31 March 2017 and later on was expanded up to 15 April 2017 with a special offer of “Jio Summer Surprise”, which gave customers three months of free services and no doubt every customer who had allotted for this summer offer has fully obtained all the extreme benefits to the complete extent without any limitations in them.


The actual size of MyJio App is just of 19 MB and it can be fully accumulated on all Android devices assisted with the greater supporting version of 4.0.3 and above. Correspondingly, the current version of this app is of about 3.2.11 and as of now the installation of this app taken place is up to 10,000,000-50,000,000. The major app developers are Reliance Jio Digital Services Pvt Ltd and the package name is opted as Not only that, another speciality of this app is that it permits the users to exclusively link multiple Jio accounts of your friends and family members and can very well manage them from the access of this app to the fullest.


  1. Auto-Login: While using My Jio with Jio SIM you can immediately begin to Login without any registration done
  2. Begin Digital Life: Through the access of this app you can capture all of Jio apps instantly and comfortably all listed in one place
  3. Obtain customized: action items constructed on your account details
  4. Fastest Links: This app is quite easy to discover and shift between various other features with a single tap on it
  5. Details of Manipulation: With the access of My Jio App you can very well check the details of your usage pattern for Calls, Data, SMS and WiFi.
  6. Balance in the Account: View real-time account balance or amount which is due for payments can be checked
  7. Home Delivery: Attain the access of getting your Jio SIM delivered at your doorstep
  8. Payments: Select from a list of recharge plans and move in for various exciting offers incurred in it
  9. Auto Pay: You can set up auto pay for hassle free payments
  10. Statement: Obtain a brief account of statement of My Jio App
  11. Jio Apps Center: Get the instant download and update of all Jio apps all incurred at one particular location
  12. Jio Care: Obtain answers to your queries with related answers and videos
  13. With the access of this app: you can easily link and manage Jio accounts by using your Linked Aadhaar number
  14. DND preferences: Acquire in managing the settings


Above all, MyJio App Apk assists with a great support of up to six family members which is quite easy to use and also enables the sharing access even with Family members too without any issues to the full extent. Therefore enjoy the best of MyJio Apk on your Android device and attain all of its extreme benefits to the full extent.